Company Policies

Company Policies

The Packers Club Company Privacy Policy is transparent, confidential and trustworthy. We can keep customer information safe and provide them with worry-free service. Customers interested in using our services should read our entire Privacy Policy. We have set these privacy policies with prior planning and maintaining law and order. We collect some personal information, use that information and consider sharing it with customers' consent.

Personal Information:

You may also be required to share certain information about the service you receive, such as if you receive a pet moving service. This information is entirely your own. For example, phone number, email ID, customer name and address, etc.

Use of Personal Information:

We control the information we use, and Packers Club is a genuine organization, so they do not rent customer information to other organizations. Packers Club operates by law and, therefore, has a primary focus on privacy.

Payment Policy:

Customers need to make payment through some method when availing service from our company and keep in mind that we take payment once after packing and before delivery of goods. You can make a 50% payment after packing or an 80% payment. But cannot pay less than 50%.

Terms and conditions:

You must agree to all Packers Club Company Terms and Conditions. After collecting the quote, you have to take service as per our terms and conditions. For example, you cannot transfer any property of another person or government. We will not shift any valuable assets. We will not be liable to compensate you for any accidental damage to your goods during transit if you do not take out insurance.
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