Frequently Asked Question

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We also provide direct answers to our customers' questions, and you can share the answers you need on the website; we will answer them as soon as possible, and you do not have to pay any charge for it. Read the following questions:

Yes, Packers Club Company provides reliable service with a 100% guarantee.
Packers Club Company employees are trained and then employed in this field, so their experience is long-term. And they work with great attention and love.
Yes, it is our responsibility to take care of your pet and provide him with food, water and if any medicine is required from time to time. We will deliver the pet safely to the location of your choice.
Hazardous materials have a high potential for damage and are illegal, so we do not transport them.
The number of items in the house/office and the distance to move your belongings.
Before contacting the company, you need to plan what items you want to move, what size these items are, whether they are fragile or non-fragile, etc. Then, you can cancel the transfer if you have too many old or broken items. Then, make a final list.
They will use expensive, verified and unique quality materials.
No, we do not charge any hidden charges for storage and warehousing services and moving pets.
We can give a specific time according to your source address and destination address, but it may take longer due to traffic and disaster.
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